One of the most legendary American car brands. Many models of the Chevrolet (brand among the people affectionately dubbed Chevy - Chevy) have become a true embodiment of the "American Dream." They have been the stars of cult movies and heroes of popular songs. For a long time Chevrolet (although, to be absolutely meticulous, the right thing "Chevrolet") is a fact, what should be a massive American car.

  I doubt that the famous at the time racer Louis Chevrolet seriously thought about creating your own vehicle. So he remained only one of the characters in the early history of motorsport, not shalt thou finish his fate with William Durant, founder of General Motors. Last rider offered the role of corporate driver of one of the divisions of GM - Buick. Winning on these machines, Louis not only provided them with an excellent advertising, but also earned himself more fame and money.

  There has come 1911. buying up competitors Policy, as well as financial fraud founder, almost led to the collapse of General Motors. Things reached the point that Durant simply expelled from the post of director. He left the company, taking with them the most interesting developments and projects. He left, but promised to return. Being extremely active person, he just could not stay around and being of good cheer began to create new companies.

  With more or less reputable means Durant again offered Louis interesting collaboration. At this time, in creation of its own vehicle. The financial side of the matter provided Durant, the technical side of the issue lay on Louis. He also gave his name a new brand, which at that time, became a legend in the sport. Thus was born the company Chevrolet Motor Cars.

  Until now, debate about how much was a fundamental contribution to the cause of Louis new car development underway since. Some argue that he developed his almost completely, while others believe that the role of Louis was limited solely to the testing activities. Already in 1912, there model Classic Six - car in its gorgeous, but very expensive, so it is not particularly popular favor. Realizing his mistake, Durant offered the market is much more simple, but cheaper models. They appear for the first time, who later became the classic logo of Chevrolet. Where did this "cross" is not clear, we only know that he was the author of the logo Durant. According to legend, he tore off a piece of wallpaper, living in Paris goodies, thinking pattern on them can be a great logo.

  The course was a success - a cheap but reliable cars Chevrolet literally flooded the market, ensuring its rapid growth of the company. Thus was fulfilled the promise of Durant - having saved enough money, he bought a controlling stake in GM shares, entering into its structure Chevrolet Motor Cars. This happened in 1918.

  Even as part of GM's, the brand Chevrolet maintained its principle - simple and inexpensive models available to everyone. By the early 30s, it becomes the most popular cars in the USA label. The number of cars sold by the time counted in millions. History turns to the history of its lineup, which included model as extremely successful, and not so.

  1963 became one of the most significant in the history of Chevrolet - there was a sporty model Corvette. Nova was to become a legend among sports cars. It is distinguished by great design, excellent technical characteristics and reasonable price. Having gone through several incarnations, Corvette exists to this day he has become very well-known and respected brand. A similar fate awaited and other sports model - Camaro. In 1979, the total number of issued Chevrolet cars reached one hundred million. Jubilee was to be a model Monza.

  Today, under the brand Chevrolet cars are produced for the different classes - from very inexpensive to representation. There are SUVs (models such as the Blazer models, the Captiva and Niva, created in cooperation with AvtoVAZ), pickup trucks and minivans.

  Chevrolet is still a part of the GM. In our days, when the position of the Group reeled legendary Chevy still remains one of its most popular brands.

  In 2002, there Chevrolet DAT. It happened after the South Korean Daewoo was absorbed by GM. As a result, many models originally developed by the Koreans, are available under the brand Chevrolet. So, we have a popular car Chevrolet Aveo - it's not that other, as yet developed an independent model Daewoo Kalos.

  Classic, hundreds of times in every way to tell the story wrong marketing, was to promote the Mexican market model Chevrolet Nova, which allegedly failed miserably there. The reason they say was the name of the model: «no va» in Spanish - "not moving". After that, GM has changed the model name on the Caribe. In fact, this story is - nothing more than an anecdote illustrating an example of how a small mistake can destroy a large undertaking. In Latin America never use the phrase «no va» in relation to the car, there probably will say «no marcha» or «no funciona». Moreover, in many dialects of Spanish, the word "nova" (accent on the first syllable and not on the second, as in the case of "not moving") emphasizes the novelty. It is said that this question is really up for consideration, before displaying the model on the market. But GM management has considered a minor problem. By the way, Caribe model really appeared on the Latin American market later Nova. That's just let her Volkswagen.

  But be that as it may, in the CIS model Daewoo Kalos appeared under the name of Chevrolet Aveo. It is said that it is not by accident. Although there is an opinion that the reason for the name change is not in the name of trouble for the Russian-speaking, and the simple desire to dilute the host vehicle Daewoo, which is already a lot in our markets, the other brand. Well, if so, the attempt failed - I've heard ranting owners of the Aveo, which have been extremely satisfied with the fact that they bought "not some out there Daewoo, but Chevrolet."

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