Unfortunately, the modern Bugatti - it is only the successor of the once independent and legendary company, to create a "luxury" class famous model. Alas, in our time, insanely difficult to survive, producing only cars that are not only means of transportation as luxuries.

  Independence has lost his Bugatti in 1963, which was preceded by serious financial problems. Then the family company was absorbed Hispanu-Suiza, which also once unsuccessfully engaged in luxury cars, but had to eventually switch to airplane parts. Edition Bugatti car was discontinued before the end of the 80s.

  However, first things first. Ettore Bugatti (Ettore Bugatti) was a versatile man - a remarkable engineer and a good artist. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that his car combines an excellent and "stuffing" and an extremely stylish and attractive appearance. The very first model overcame the mark of 100 km / h.

  The company was founded in 1909, in Molskhayme, France (Molsheim, France). She quickly managed to become very famous. This is especially contributed to the success on the racetrack. The First World War was unable to specifically harm the company, although it led to a disruption in production.

  By the middle of the 20s the number of victories have been measured in the thousands, and Bugatti cars were famous all over the world. The golden age for the company came in the first half of the 30s - luxury models appeared one after another, sometimes with a difference of only a few months. At the same time the company began manufacturing and aircraft engines. Were developing in the direction of the train. Although the number of race wins significantly reduced, it could undermine the prestige of the brand. Return the same fame as winners managed only by 1937.

  1939 was marked by tragedy: in the race lost the founder's son, Jean Bugatti (Jean Bugatti). However, the reputation of the Bugatti is not had time to say, since the Second World War. The factory has been destroyed, production stopped. Soon after the war, in 1947, dies Ettore Bugatti. The company has only just begun the path to recovery and has not managed to go through it, too important was the middle of its founder's personality image. The family business, headed by Roland Bugatti (Roland Bugatti) introduced some interesting models to the public, which was never destined to become popular. As mentioned above, in 1963, Bugatti has lost its independence. Hispanu-Suiza is only interested in developments in the production of aircraft engines.

  The rebirth of the brand has experienced in 1987, when the Italian businessman Romano Atrioli (Romano Artioli) bought the rights to the Bugatti brand. So a Bugatti SpA. Soon the car was presented, able to overcome the line speed of 300 km / h. That's very high speed - that's what distinguishes Bugatti automobiles since.

   Model Bugatti EB110 came in 1991. The car, whose name included the initials of Ettore Bugatti, immediately attracted attention. In terms of features it is superior to all competitors in the creation. He gladly got me even Michael Schumacher. However, success was not able to bring enough money for the normal existence of the company. In 1996, the company is going to take a desperate step and absorbs another manufacturer supercar - Lotus, hoping to use his achievements. However, it is not only not help, but even more worsened the situation. In 1999 Bugatti SpA became part of Audi AG, in turn owned by the Volkswagen Group.

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