Before you begin a story about the history of Lamborghini, you must first tell some facts from the biography of the company founder. During the Second World War, Ferruccio Lamborghini (Ferruccio Lamborghini) served in the Italian Army. He was, as they say, a mechanic from God, so that he sit idle is not necessary. As is known, originally referred to the Axis, Italy later, with the fall of Mussolini's regime, has ceased to be an ally of Germany. So Ferruccio began to fight on the Allied side, serving the British military equipment (mainly English). So he got knowledge about the device not only Italian but also foreign mechanisms. These skills were useful to him subsequently cool.

  When the war ended, Lamborghini went home with the intention to open a business. Leaving Italy Englishmen sold out surpluses not required it is now technology - to return her to the UK was a matter of too napryazhno. An enterprising young Italian took advantage of it. So there was a small company for the production of tractors. In war-torn, but gradually reviving country, this technique has been in great demand. The very first tractor model was very simple in design and reliable in operation, which determined its success. This allowed the young company quickly to his feet.

  Even after decades of Lamborghini rich. So much so that he was able to afford an expensive sports car, opting for Ferrari. However, sports car disappointed talented mechanic. So much so that one day the Lamborghini went to the office of the company, with the intention to talk personally to Enzo Ferarri his thoughts on how he could improve their cars. However, as a result, he was faced with a banal rudeness and caustic phrase about the fact that the manufacturer of tractors should not get involved in the production of sports cars. Lamborghini was furious. It was then that he decided to create his own model of the sports car. And not just for myself, but such that it can challenge the Ferrari, both on the track and on the market. That is to say, revenge in Italian.

  First of all Lamborghini to Ferrari screw dismantled bought them in order to understand fully the principle of his actions. Everything was even easier than he thought. In 1963 the world was introduced Lamborghini 350 GT. Naturally, the car was created not only by a Lamborghini. He drew for this work of many talented engineers and designers. The model is very successful and enjoyed good demand. For the production of the factory in Sant'Agata Bolaniz was bought cars (Sant'Agata Bolognese), which to this day is the company's headquarters.

  Lamobrgini born under the sign of Taurus, which is now adorned the hoods of his magnificent creations. Subsequently, it was determined the development of the bulls lineup - cars were called by their nicknames and the famous bull breeds, once participated in a bullfight. Even Diablo model named not in honor of the evil forces. Consumers also often referred to as his "pet" affectionate nickname "the Lambo".

  This success was waiting for the company after the appearance of Miura model. It was an excellent supercar, which appeared in 1965. He was extremely popular (by the standards of this class of cars) - for a year managed to sell more than a hundred pieces at times, and the Lamborghini factory was working at full capacity.

  However, we should not think that the Lamborghini switched to fast cars, abandoning the tractor. Not at all! Moreover, it is a tractor brought him the main income and allow to implement the most daring ideas. But in 1972 there was a big trouble - was foiled a major contract for the supply of tractors to Bolivia, to shake another military coup. This is a very hard hit by the financial condition of the company and the Lamborghini had no choice but to sell part of the production of the concern Fiat tractors. Lamborghini Subsequently generally refused to participate in the production of the technique. However, the tractors of this brand are manufactured today. Engaged in this group of SAME DEUTZ-FAHR, to which the departed Lamborghini Trattori SpA

  But troubles were not over. The outbreak of the oil crisis has called into question the very existence of such a class. They managed to survive thanks to Lamborghini Countach model. In 1975, aged Lamborghini sold his share of the businessmen from Switzerland, his good friend - Georges-Henri Rossetti (Georges-Henri Rossetti) and René Leimer (René Leimer). Moving away from affairs, he settled in his osobnike, where he spent his old age, growing grapes. Ferruccio Lamborghini died in early 1993, a little before the age of 77 years.

  In 1987, Lamborghini all of a sudden an American buys Chrysler, already having experienced very serious financial problems. It is believed that the purchase of this was just a whim Chairman of the American auto giant Lee Iacocca (Lee Iacocca), which flattered the idea of ​​owning a legend like Lamborghini.

  In 1994, when Chrysler «pinned» finally, Lamborghini was sold to Indian investment group Megatech, who was never able to pull such a burden. In 1998, the Italian avtolegenda again "return to Europe" - new owner was a German AUDI AG.

  В 1994 году, когда Chrysler «прижало» окончательно, Lamborghini была продана индийской инвестиционной группе Megatech, которая так и не сумела вытянуть такую ношу. В 1998 году итальянская автолегенда вновь «вернулась в Европу» — новым владельцем стала немецкая AUDI AG.

  Today, Lamborghini cars are still among the most popular in its class and made several thousand a year. The case of the founder is alive and well - still have someone to throw down the gauntlet presumptuous Ferrari.

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