Land Rover

   The famous car brand Land Rover, which specializes in SUVs, was born in 1947. Well-known models of the brand began at different times Defender, Freelander, Discovery, Range Rover. Car Maker bli worked in the company Rover Wilks brothers - Spencer and Maurice (Maurice and Spencer Wilks). Inspired by Maurice Wilks, who held the position of chief designer, served SUV "Willis", which he used for farm work on his farm.

  The car was produced at the plant, previously manufactured military equipment, this was one of the first civilian cars produced by British industry. In its creation it was used aluminum alloy, due to lack of steel in the post-war period. The car was different because of this ease and resistance to rust. The cost of the first brand of cars was 450 pounds. Mark quickly became popular and took the major share in the range Rover.

  As a separate company Land Rover has a history since 1978 - due to the increasing popularity of the car owner of the brand British company British Leyland, previously swallowed Rover, makes it stand out in an independent business. After the bankruptcy of British Leyland owner becomes British manufacturer British Aerospace. In 1994, the BMW brand to buy.

  Today cars under the Land Rover brand is manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover, owned by India's Tata Motors. In 2008, the Corporation acquired two famous British brand from Ford Motor Company and merged into one company.

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