The brand under which manufactures luxury cars the Japanese company Nissan Motors. The reason for founding a new brand was the fact that no one in the US market is not perceived as a prestigious Japanese cars. Yes, reliable and practical, but not prestigious. In this sector of the market completely ruled by American and European models. But the Japanese, this situation does not suit. Incidentally, such a coincidence or not, but in the 80s of the last century all the major Japanese manufacturers began working on de luxe cars for the US market. Honda began working on the Acura, Toyota of Lexus, Mazda and over Amati (the brand has not been started). Not far behind them and Nissan with their Infiniti (Latin for "infinity, endless"). As you can see, all of these companies had the same approach: knowing that their brands are not put to the Americans the identity of the word "luxury", the Japanese began to create new brands, all cars developed under them were designed with a design as close as possible to the west .

  In 1989, on display at the Detroit model Infiniti Q45 was introduced. Above him, the creators have worked for several years, carefully "licking" model, eliminating the shortcomings and constantly modifying it. The car was a success. He combined the qualities such as Agile handling, high comfort, reliability, and more, at a fairly affordable price. Western competitors did not have a similar value for money. The car was produced several years, during which were presented with its variants coupé and convertible.

  However, later the Japanese are not too bothered release unique models. All subsequent Infiniti - it basically Nissan, which just are adapted for American and European markets and in the maximum configuration. Although the beginning of the 21st century, the popularity of the brand began to subside, to rectify the situation was refreshing design and technical base.

  Today Infiniti range is quite wide. Basically it consists of sedans, but there is a compartment with SUVs. Today, the Infiniti brand - one of the most respected and popular among consumers that prefer "luxury" class cars.

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