The history of the Audi brand has more than one hundred years. The company's founder was the August Horch (August Horch), a talented German engineer and designer, to comprehend the basics of automobile near the Carl Benz. Originally, Horch established in Mannheim the company A. Horch & Co, has released its first car in 1900. But not always successful technical solutions and quarrelsome nature of the conflict has led to an engineer with the company, and in 1909, Horch was fired. Without hesitation, he founded a month in the city of Zwickau, a second company called August Horch Automobilwerke Gmbh, but then former companions did not let him develop by filing a lawsuit in the use of the word Horch in the title and won the case. Then, the designer simply translated his last name in German means "listen" into Latin, and it has turned the word "Audi".

  So actually in 1909 and there was an Audi brand. The release of new cars do not have to wait long. Already in 1910 the plant went out of the gate first car Audi-A. The following year saw the release of the Audi model-in which adopted in 1911 participated in the first automobile race in the Alps in the distance of 2500 km. 1912 was the year of the appearance of the model Audi-C, whose participation in the same race brought her the nickname of "Conqueror of the Alps" ( "Alpensieger").

  But after the first in a dilapidated German World War I the company's business began to go from bad to worse. The solution was to merge with other carmakers. So, in 1928 the company was acquired by the DKW, another brainchild of the talented engineer Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen (Jorgen Skafte Rasmussen). And in 1932 growing crisis has led to the creation of the Group Auto Union, which includes four companies: DKW, Wanderer, as well as old rivals Audi and Horch. Hence the logo and Audi - its four rings just symbolizes the four companies of the concern. Things new association went smoothly, and the two started their model sold successfully until the Second World War.

  With the end of the war group underwent nationalization, and then reforming involving Mercedes-Benz of capital and Volkswagen. The last company in 1965 and owns a controlling stake in Audi to this day. In 1949, in the city of Ingolstadt, the current residence of the Audi, based factory Auto Union GmbH. The end of 1968 marked the return of the brand to the market and the beginning of the successful sales of new models. Use the drive to all four wheels - in these models, such as Audi 100 model, the new technology at the time was introduced.

  70 years in the history of Audi as an epoch marked active in the US car exports. Over the ocean were Audi 90 models (sedan and wagon), Audi 100, and joined later model Audi 80. In the United States they are sold under different notation: Audi 4000, Audi 5000, but by the early '80s forced to reduce certain problems delivery.

  In 1974, Ferdinand Piech (Ferdinand Piech) comes in promising development department. This large-scale use all wheel drive starts under his leadership for cars. Such a scheme can significantly enhance the car's traction and thus to improve his behavior in bad weather conditions. And the new model with four-wheel drive, which got the name of the Quattro brand, awaited triumph - at the Geneva Motor Show 1980 Audi booth attracted attention.

  Another innovation Piha, already in the marketing field, has become a policy of separation from the Audi brand of Volkswagen in every respect up to create your own sales area. And if the "people's car" was positioned as affordable in financial terms, the Audi sought to satisfy the more refined tastes and offering a variety of additional services, equipment. Such an allocation of marks required a new lineup as limited to Audi 80 and Audi 100 has been impossible.

  And model followed one after another. The direct successor was the Audi 80 model Audi A4 introduced in October 1994. Its further development of the model was in 2001 - were the A4 Avant wagon and coupe-cabriolet A4 Cabrio.



  February 1994 introduced the world-class sedan Audi A8 Executive. In addition to its all-wheel drive were recognized innovations such as a diesel engine, which is more economical and, last but not least, more environmentally friendly than gasoline. Furthermore, the all-aluminum A8 was released after a few years.


  Audi is generally known for the use of aluminum in their designs. And the first sign, the car is completely made of aluminum, has become a model Audi A2, descended from the conveyor in 2000. Unfortunately, the commercial success of the model is not earned, because of the use of expensive, though its light metal value has increased significantly.


  In addition to these models, it is worth noting as a compact car of a golf class Audi A3, which was developed on the same basis with the Volkswagen Golf, but had improved design embodiment and a spectacular interior, business-class model Audi A6, Audi TT sports variant, SUV Audi Q7.


  Now Audi, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, is on the next rise and plans to continue to produce technologically advanced model for true connoisseurs, gradually filling a niche not covered is the automotive industry.



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