The history of the brand dates back to 1953, when the wreckage was reborn from its own company Fuji Heavy Industries. She had a difficult history - three years ago it was called Fuji Sangye Limited, the company was engaged before the war by military aircraft, and after the war - all in a row, lounging in the end just 12 small companies. After some time, 5 of them have realized that together can be fun and re-merged into one built on the same principle as that disintegrated. What was not engaged FHI first time! Tools, buses, scooters, aircraft engines - portfolio it was very large. The vast experience gained from years of military aviation production has allowed to achieve excellent results.

  In 1954, FHI became interested in the idea of ​​creating a national Japanese car. A small country has not yet recovered from the crushing defeat and the car was still a luxury. It was developed a very successful model P1 (now it is also known as the Subaru and 1500), which was never destined to go to series. But based on it created a much more simple and cheap model 360. In 1958 it was put into production and produced more than 11 years, becoming a real Japanese best-seller (only six hundred were sold in the first year). So there is a new brand. The word "the Subaru" is translated from Japanese as "Pleiades." The name arose because of China Kenji (Kenji Kita) - the then president of the company.

  In those years, the companies that produce such a tiny car like the Subaru 360, no one even thought about how many wins their subsequent products will be able to win in rally racing. But these victories and ensured the success of the Subaru brand in the world market. However, before they even had a long way - they svershatsya in the 90s of the 20th century. On cars Subaru won a famous victory of their first rally driver Colin McRae (Colin McRae), after which, in the future, will be called a computer simulation game - Colin McRae Rally.

  Subaru began producing the first all-wheel drive cars, which quickly recognized outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and anglers.

  To date, Subaru car production volumes are relatively low, especially given the performance of other Japanese manufacturers. But a big name and a good technical performance ensures the success of any new model - whether tiny or massive Elten Outback.

  Subaru cars famous for its magnificent, often creates interesting, but too controversial decisions. For example, the model Subaru Baja, which appeared in 2002, has caused consumers very mixed feelings. Externally, the model is a cross between a SUV and a sedan, which gave rise to many sarcastic jokes. But this did not prevent Baja become the best beach car.

  A Tribeca model, released in January 2005, even got into the ranking of the ten most ugly cars a year. Mainly due to too unusual grille. But, again, it does not hurt the car much popularity.

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