This British manufacturer of sports cars and racing officially began its history in 1952. He founded it avtokonstruktor Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman (Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman). History has not preserved information, why the company was named after such an exotic flower. Some people believe that this was the nickname of Chapman girlfriend (she later became his wife).

  His first car Chapman built in 1948. The model received a plain name the Mk1, was, in fact, thorough reworked Austin 7. This was followed by several successful models. By 1952, the ninth year the designer finally "matured" and to his own company. What it was done. Thus was born the Lotus Engineering Ltd., whose early years had to exist only on the enthusiasm of its founder. The first car company has become a model Lotus Mk6.

  Chapman attracted exceptionally fast cars, he wanted to enter into the world of big races and strive for it. And he did it - in 1958, Lotus comes to Formula 1 - Lotus Mk16 model. By the way, in one of the F-1 racing I took as a pilot himself Chapman, though not very good, the car has withdrawn as a result of breakage. For the year of its existence (1958-1994), Lotus team has significantly contributed to the development of this type of racing, which literally transformed the appearance of the car, "Formula 1". For example, on these cars radiator for the first time "moved" with the bow on the side.

  History Lotus Engineering Ltd. the most interesting until 1882, when the "helm" was himself Chapman. After his death from a heart attack (a brilliant designer did not spare himself, as a result lived only 54 years), the company has preserved the spirit of the former, was extremely active in the F-1, only the range has ceased to be so interesting.

  As a result, it begins a slow but steady decline, which led to the fact that in 1966 it acquires General Motors. But the American manufacturer was not able to breathe life into the fading company. Despite the fact that the F-1, then managed to make significant progress (from 1985 to 1987 he managed the fireballs Lotus Aerton Senna), things went from bad to worse. It all ended so that in 1993 the new owner of Lotus was the Italian Bugatti. Lotus Racing team lasted until 1994, after which it was actually absorbed by the Pacific Grand Prix.

  But Bugatti has not managed to achieve impressive results, and then sold to Lotus Asia Minor company Proton. Asians succeeded if not revive the former the Lotus, then at least to make the company profitable and attractive again. Such it remains to this day. Malaysians also managed to return in 2010 "Furmulu-1» - Lotus Racing team, which previously called 1Malaysia F1 Team.

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