The history of the French automotive corporation began as far back as the 19th century. Began, in fact, a prominent inventor workshop of Louis Renault (Louis Renault). The role of this person in the car is difficult to overestimate the development of the world, and sometimes even impossible.

  Louis started with capital alteration primitive three-wheeled vehicle De Dion-Bouton (car this miracle of technology on our times and call it hard). Get in the end design was so successful that it could even sell, the more so that the buyers were found quickly. Louis did not hesitate to equip the outskirts of Paris, the town of Boulogne-billancourt (Boulogne-Billancourt), a small shop (in fact shed *), and small-scale production begins. Soon, they gathered in the car there are such innovative solutions as it is developed by direct transfer. For the first time in history it is set so common today driveshaft.

  Talented engineers helped older brothers, with the financial support which he founded Renault Freres company (its name completely looked so: Société Renault Frères in Boulogne-Billancourt). Produced by her model AG-1 split unthinkable at the time circulation - more than 350 pieces.

  Beginning of the 20th century - the golden era in the history of Renault. Although, there was a tragedy in the very life of Louis in 1902 - in his brother Marcel crashed while racing. But in general, it is a regular victory in the racing played a role, becoming an excellent advertising. In 1904 Renault Freres becoming the most profitable European car company and its owners - the millionaires. Cars of this brand have become deservedly popular in France and other countries, including Russia. Louis begins to expand the range of products: in addition to the racing and production models, are beginning to produce buses, trucks and even farm equipment. The number of workers have thousands of people is calculated on the company's plants.

  The First World War brought the glory of Renault and the other field - the company begins to produce military equipment, including the FT-17 tanks. It was then that Louis Renault gets the people nicknamed "the savior of France." Renault tanks success was so high that some time the company has used the logo with their image. But where did existed until the present day diamond tell two versions. According to one, the first car of Renault, equipped with sink, had covered his diamond-shaped grill, which subsequently decided to immortalize in the logo. According to the second, the diamond - as a tribute to the legendary tanks as being lined with horizontal stripes, it resembled left by their footprints.

  At the end of the war, of Renault still wins the race, it produces a diverse range of automotive equipment. Although the development of the company and there is a kind of stasis, she feels good. Even though competition from compatriots - Peugeot and Citroen.

  During the Second World War, France was completely and very quickly captured by Germany. And, in order to protect their plants, 67-year-old Louis Renault is a deal with OCCUPIERS. This decision, in the future, it will cost too much - after the war, Louis was accused of treason. Sic transit gloria mundi ***. The aged inventor was in prison, where he soon died (according to some sources from the severe beatings). Renault factories were nationalized and remain so to this day. Name Louis Renault was forgotten - even on the official website of him casually written. The new company's name sounded so - Regie Nationale des Usines Renault. The phrase the «Regie Nationale» ( «National State monopoly") while adorned the logo, have finally gained their diamond shape.

  The subsequent history of the company is not much different from many similar. Continuous development, the emergence of new models, both successful and not so (the most successful was, perhaps, 4CV, also known as the "Quatre shvo" - "four horses", produced without interruption for 15 years). For which they are required not one article, or even a book. Many of these models have become real bestsellers. Wonderful advertising and make successful performance of its cars in Formula 1 and other races. Also continues and production of military equipment.

  The company's headquarters is located in the same Boulogne-billancourt. At the place where once was a small barn Louis, grew a huge complex, where tens of thousands of people. Renault From a tiny company has become a huge corporation, which owns Dacia Eastern European and South Korea's Samsung Motors. Just Renault holds almost half the shares in Nissan and a quarter of AvtoVAZ shares.

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