Vincenzo Lancia (Vincenzo Lancia) was born August 24, 1881. His father was a wealthy industrialist, is engaged in meat products and who gathered in this great capital. But Vincenzo disappointed him, not showing to the sausages and hams no interest. But cars attracted him with terrible force. Already in the 17 years he was involved in the design and assembly of the car for FIAT, where he soon becomes the main tester. Starting a racing career is the talented Italian. And it should be noted that he was a great rider.

  But Vincenzo it was not enough. At the age of 25 years (1906) he, together with his friend Claudio Fodzholino (Claudio Fogolino), he founded his own company, calling it Fabbrica Automobili Lancia. A year later, there is a model tipo 51. Subsequently, the company produced a model called the letters of the Greek alphabet - Alfa, Beta, Gamma, and Theta, which appeared in 1913 and has brought us glory innovator (first electric lighting was installed as standard) and only manufacturer of reliable vehicles.

  The First World War forced to switch to the production of military equipment - armored cars. It went only for the benefit of the company. Having accumulated sufficient resources and possessing large production capacities, Lancia smoothly and elegantly enters its golden age. Despite the early death of Vincenzo Lancia in 1937, the company feels great, representing the market exceptionally stylish and elegant model.

  The truth is we should not think that the company engaged exclusively in sports cars. And also buses, trolley buses and trucks. Not forgotten and had experience in the production of military equipment.

  Lancia Second World War is also experiencing without much harm to ourselves. But ten years later begin serious problems. The fact that luxury and very expensive cars are becoming less and less popular. At the same time, the company spends a lot of money on research and development of new technologies. Participating and winning in auto racing (Formula 1 circuit races and rally racing, where it was possible to achieve the greatest success) is also given by a huge waste. Wrong marketing only exacerbates the situation. As a result, the company began to experience serious financial difficulties. In 1969, Lancia was absorbed by FIAT, with which when it all began. Group Management has kept the legendary brand, but also pay special attention to him also died. The era of decay.

  To date, little is reminiscent of past greatness. Although sold under the Lancia brand cars and feature an attractive design and good performance, to their famous ancestors, they obviously do not hold out.

  In 2006, when there was a restructuring of the Fiat Group, many expected that as a result of its Lancia cease to exist. But that, fortunately, did not happen. I replaced the logo and even a hope of revival.

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