Manufacturer of racing and sports cars Alpine little known among the "mere mortals". The fact that the cars of this brand as one classified as sports and racing, becoming their only true connoisseurs of speed. Most of all, they are common in Western Europe, especially in France, where there is a developed network of fan clubs "Alpin". It is not surprising, because the brand-French.

  The history of the automaker began in 1954 in the town of Dieppe, France (Dieppe, France). He founded the company French racer Jean Redel (Jean Redele). Recently won a handsome victory in the race Coupe des Alpes (Alpine Cup), Jean decided to name their offspring Alpine ( «Alpine"). But the race had an impact not only in this - the victory was won by a car Renault 4CV. This model formed the basis - at its base and created Alpine cars. Yes, and all subsequent models based on Renault.

  However, the name was given to fail. Jean did not know that just a year before the car company Rootes Group in the UK, owned famous while brands like Talbot and Sunbeam, presented a novelty - Sunbeam Alpine. This sports car was to become very successful and therefore a long time is often confusion in names.

  The first model was the A106 Mille Milles. A car with fiberglass body was very well received by the public, which provided him enough high popularity. New brand of good help and the fact that almost immediately she enlisted the help of Renault. A106 model was produced until 1960. In the year it produced about a thousand cars, which is pretty good for the company at this level. Few people even managed to get up, because Europe still was recovering from the Second World War.

  For the A106 followed by other models is very successful both in sales and in the tracks. So, in 1973 in Monte Carlo race Alpine won the first, second and third place, ahead of cars such legendary brands like Lancia and Porshe. However, the same year brought with it, and the oil crisis, because of which the company began to experience serious problems. But it managed to not only survive, but also to introduce a new model - the A110. However, in order to survive, I had to sacrifice freedom - since 1974 belongs to the Alpine Renault.

  The subsequent development of the brand did not differ bright moments. Although there were quite successful and winning model. The last car of the brand has become a model Alpine A610, introduced in 1991. In 1995 the brand Alpine has ceased to exist, Renault switched to the production of sports cars under its own brand.

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