Porsche - the German automotive company producing primarily sports cars and luxury cars. Headquartered in Stuttgart.

  Its founder, Ferdinand Porsche Sr. (Ferdinand Porsche) was born in 1875 in the family of a plumber, and receiving education, continues his father's work. But interest in the technique of his art extends beyond health, why in 1898 he founded the design office in Vienna. His first work of a young engineer - wheel motor for an electric vehicle - brings him fame of a talented designer. As a result, in 1906 he became the chief designer of the company Austro-Daimler, where to start projects with active artillery tractor trailer.

  1909 was marked by two events - the birth of a son, also Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche), Jr., who is often called the Ferry Porsche; as well as participation in the rally designer of Prince Henry of Prussia on self-designed car, won him second place. A year later, in the same rally ambitious designer has won first place.

  In 1923, the company under its technical direction starts to produce cars of the highest class, and the Porsche goes to Daimler-Benz, as the post of chief designer. Its main occupation there becoming the design and improvement of new compressor engines, including race cars. In particular, Ferdinand Porsche took part in the development of the famous series and Mercedes S K.

  After five years of excellent work in the Daimler-Benz Porsche returns to Austria in Steyr company (also a division Daimler). There he works for long due to the financial problems of the company, and finally, when he was already a doctor of technical sciences, Ferdinand Porsche 25 April 1931 starts their own business by creating an independent design office, then gets through the authority of the founder of the a lot of orders.

  In 1932, the Porsche torsion bar suspension invented, which are beginning to use all automakers. In the same year he visited the automobile factories in the USSR, but refuses to take the post of chief designer of the Union, in spite of the high income and privileges. Failure, he gives a reason, because immediately after his return became the chief designer of Auto-Union and designs a new racing car. This car is for four years sets speed record on European routes.

  In 1934, Porsche sends to the German Transport Ministry proposal to create a "people's car" (literally in German "Volkswagen"). Welcomes the idea of ​​the Nazi elite, but one of the sketches he makes a frustrated artist Hitler. Autumn 1935 - the time of appearance of the first prototype of a new brand on the German autobahn. After a year in Stuttgart organized the new Volkswagen plant and the Porsche moved there in 1938. But with the beginning of World War II, the plant will convert under the issue of the army cars - SUVs, amphibians, commanding cars. In addition, in wartime designer he worked on the design and production of the famous tank "Tiger", "Panther" and self-propelled guns "Ferdinand".

  Due to the participation in these developments after the war, Porsche will have to serve 22 months imprisonment in a simple designer to the Renault factory. In 1947, he returns home, but he revived Volkswagen plant is not in place, and he followed his son sent to his home in Austria to construct his dream - racing cars. In 1948 he created the first of them - Porsche-356, presented an improved and refined form at the Paris Motor Show in 1953. In 1958, work began on the project 901. The car company Peugeot will appeal against the court the name of the model, and it was renamed 911. Since 1964 there is the Carrera Porsche 911, which is used to develop the next Ferdinand - the engine cooling water.

  1965 - the year of the emergence of Targa convertible with a characteristic body, so the name became a household word for it. In the late 60s begins the triumph of the company's high-speed rally. In 1968 Porsche S-2.2 takes the first two places in the Monte Carlo Rally, and after winning the overall standings of the European Championship. In 1969, in the light exits VW Porsche 914, which won the world title among manufacturers. In 1970, this same model triumphantly wins the next rally in Monte Carlo, and in 1971 and 1972, taking the top places in the Safari Rally. The end of the '70s-early' 80s - this time two new models 924 and 944, the mid-80s was marked by repeated victories in the Paris-Dakar rally and the 959 and 968 models.

  There comes the nineties, and Porsche produces millionth car. At the same time it begins to be produced Boxter - available to a wide customer segment model, increasing the already high sales. In 1997, radically changed the most famous model of the company - 911 Carrera. Newly modification is numbered 996. In the new millennium, the company becomes a joint stock company. It made another radical modification of 911, making it one of the most desirable cars in the world of high-speed. Now the company is in a stage of growth and prosperity, and produces a technically flawless and fast car for true connoisseurs.

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