Volkswagen AG - German automobile concern, which produces a wide range of cars and vans, and trucks. The company's headquarters is located in Wolfsburg.

  The summer of 1934 in Berlin at the Kaiserhof was a meeting between Jacob Berlin (Jacob Berlin), the commercial director of Daimler-Benz, and the new Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler. Last put forward the idea of ​​creating a "people's car" that would be reliable, sturdy and affordable. He would be an excellent move for propaganda and Nazi Germany would have represented a new. Hitler, who was at one time a budding artist, sketched a sketch of the new car and asked Berlin to appoint a constructor to perform the national remit. The director offered the post of chief designer Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche). He decisively and with his usual talent set to work, and now in 1935, the car was designed. This was followed by two years of testing, and in 1937, finally entered production in VW Kafer model that Americans of resemblance dubbed the "Beetle". Subsequently, the name stuck, and his descendants have inherited this model.

  In May 1938, Europe's largest plant for the production of this and subsequent models was unveiled in Wolfsburg. But the war as ever to explain everything, and as a result the company was refocused on the development and production of military vehicles, tanks and self-propelled guns. Actually the "people's car" was created by twelve, and they arrived at the disposal of the Nazi elite.

  After the war the factory was in the British occupation zone in Wolfsburg. Although from the British and the Dutch, Swiss and Belgians received fairly large orders really begin production of Volkswagen could only ten years later. From the purchase of the company's short-sighted refused and the British, and even the Ford himself, since the appearance of "Beetle" was not very presentable.

  In January 1948, the company changes direction, and comes to the management of Heinrich Nordhoff (Heinrich Nordhoff), engineer and technocrat who heads a team of well motivated technicians, capable of extraordinary thinking and at the same time taking into account the commercial benefits. Volkswagen cars are undergoing significant modernization. In particular, from 1949 models are available in two new body styles - convertible limousine and more attention is paid to the cabin.

  But the changes are not only technical and aesthetic characteristics of the car. The new management has a lot of money and effort advertising and highlights the original motto of working with foreign clients, as well as the system of car-care centers and sales centers. In Germany, the company's motto was the phrase "He's my family member", and abroad Volkswagen has achieved great sales due to the motto "My other car", as rival he could not for the niche with the American manufacturers of the main family car, but as an inexpensive replacement for small necessities he succeeded. By this time, the plant was handed over to Germany, and began a new phase in its development. His comparative cheapness, reliability, and active work to promote the Volkswagen made a hit in many countries, particularly in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Mexico.

  Followed by new models, among them in 1955 - a sports car, a modification of the standard Volkswagen-1200, Karmann-Ghia, so named by the names of firms that worked on the creation of a body. Behind him went into production in 1961, Volkswagen-1500.



  1965 was a prosperous enterprise for the acquisition of the company Audi year the company Daimler-Benz. Thus was created the concern Volkswagen-Audi, which subsequently became the Spanish company SEAT and the Czech Skoda. Currently Audi brand is independent in solving key issues. The first group was the brainchild of the combined 1968 VW-411, followed by VW K-70 and Army Iltis.

  The new generation of Volkswagen models was openly released in 1973 Volkswagen Passat. The next representative in 1974, he became a sports Volkswagen Scirocco, and at the same time followed by the hatchback Golf him. For the first three years from the conveyor descended over one million Golf models, and this made Volkswagen the most popular car brand in Europe. In this model the company representatives made a bet, and in subsequent years, in turn releasing its modification in 1983, 1991, 1997 respectively. The next model was something similar to one of the three-door Audi models Volkswagen Polo. His relative cheapness and practicality brought him commercial success.

  The eighties were marked by the release of the four-door sedan Volkswagen Jetta, which was in 1992 replaced analogue, called Vento. At the beginning of the eighties also falls Passat and Scirocco modernization, as well as the appearance of Volkswagen Santana on the basis of the first. In 1988-1995 assembles Corrado model, which became the successor to the Scirocco. Since 1993, the production is carried out wagons and convertibles Variant models, since 1995 - the Sharan wagon-road, and in 1999 left a comfortable sedan Volkswagen Bora.

  Now the concern is booming and is one of the world's largest car manufacturers. In the presence of plants in 15 countries and 5 brands: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and bought in 1998 by Rolls-Royce.

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